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As many of you know, the majority of my working life has been self-employed. The typical illusion of self-employment is sitting back in a big chair with feet up on the desk or cruising around in a nice ride between vacations. But many times it is working twice the hours for half the pay. While there are perks, self-employment is a special calling.

Most use their business as a way to help others. But as a business owner you can’t give to everyone and everything, and deciding what to be a part of can be difficult. First, realize your assistance is an investment. Your investment makes you a part of the work, a partner. Investments simply comes down to BUSINESS LOGIC - What is my connection to the cause? What will be gained from my investment?

I understand this very well. In 2005, along with our business, my wife and I started a nonprofit organization to help youth navigate towards their own purpose in life. 320 Watersports is based on Ephesians 3:20. The organization is a faith based ministry and watersports is the tool the ministry uses to connect with youth. Our desire is for all people to know Jesus, but along with that we want today’s youth to grow strong in their faith and be bold living it out in a world that is trying to silence them. Youth need to understand life comes with difficulties and hard work, which most business owners know all too well.


In 2013, after 3 long years of prayer, my wife and I made one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make. We let go of our business in order to focus more on the ministry of 320.

Many people asked, “Why give up a profitable business to work with a ministry.”

In all honesty, I have asked myself that very same question many, many times. Especially when personal finances tighten up and we must rely on odd jobs to provide for our necessities. With that said, this opportunity, duty, responsibility, was a calling for me to show youth that someone cares.


You’re thinking, HE WANTS MONEY. I am… but not looking for just money. Specifically, I am looking for LIKE-MINDED business owners. Owners that believe in Kingdom work that will come alongside and partner in this effort, to develop strong leaders that our community, nation, and world need so very badly. Your resources will help us reach youth that may become employees of small businesses or even business owners themselves.


SO WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Most are probably not concerned about a business gain for supporting an effort to help youth, but at the same time a partnership helps one another. This program is to honor your business and provide advertisement to your business by placing your business name on the boat used by 320 to reach these students. The boat will be viewed on local lakes in NC and lakes in other states. As well it will be seen as much or more on the highways and byways traveling to these lakes. A mobile billboard. As mentioned, having advertisement is probably not your goal, but it does help with BUSINESS LOGIC. You decide how much is a business decision and how much is from the heart.

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